Why is the hybridization of SF4...sp3d and not sp3?

i didnt even know you can add a d to that? I thought the only options where sp3, sp2, and sp? Where did they d come from?


The d orbital comes into play when the central atom has more than 8 valence electrons. That's called an expanded octet and can happen when the central atom is in the third row of the periodic table or lower (as sulfur is).

When you draw the Lewis structure for SF4 you see that it has four single sulfur-fluorine bonds, but then you have an additional pair of electrons that must go on the central sulfur atoms as a lone pair. That's five electron groups surrounding the sulfur atom, and sp3 hybridization can only accommodate four electron groups. The fifth hybridized orbital comes from the sulfur atom's potential (but unoccupied in the unbonded atom) 3d sublevel.

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You should first understand that there are types of hybridization like sp,sp2,sp3,sp3d,dsp2,sp3d2,d2sp3. I will give you some examples:







Go to this site to see picture of SF4


/sulfur tetrafluoride.htm

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thank you alot for answering that qn i was also wondering where the d comes frm. thnk you too for posting the question.