What is the freezing point of Hydrogen Peroxide?

I want to know the freezing point of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). Answers in Celsius preferred.

Thanks in advance! ;)


Won't work. The freezing points of H2O and H2O2 are almost identical.

You shouldn't be trying to concentrate hydrogen peroxide anyway. Concentrated hydrogen peroxide is incredibly dangerous, both as a corrosive substance and an explosive.

Jun 13 at 12:22

Freezing point

-0.43 °C, 273 K, 31 °F

anything lesser than this.

Jun 13 at 16:8

For 20 - 40% Hyrogen Peroxide it is:

FREEZING POINT: -15oC/6oF (20%); -26oC/-15oF (31%); -33oC/-27oF (35%)

Jun 13 at 20:17

Freezing point of H2O2 is - 0.43 °C

Jun 14 at 0:50