What is difference between cash crop and a food crop?give example of each?

What is difference between cash crop and a food crop?give example of each?


cash crop is a term, meaning its quick to earn money

a food crop is just for selling/eating, not to hard up for money


Interesting to see people refer to corn as a 'food crop' rather than a 'cash crop' since so little corn is actually directly consumed, and most is sold off the farm. The majority of corn is used for animal feed, ethanol, starch products (used not just in food processing, but in manufacturing fuel filters, batteries, baby powder, sanitary napkins, and much more...), and sweetener.

A 'cash crop' is something which is grown for the generation of capital. A 'non-cash crop' or 'subsistence crop' is grown for direct consumption by the producer, their family, or their livestock.

The term 'food crop' is much more ambiguous, and cannot necessarily be differentiated from a 'cash crop'.

Many 'food crops' (tomatoes, potatoes, asparagus, apples...) can actually be 'cash crops' if they are produced specifically for the generation of income through sale.

Items that are highly perishable and difficult to process or ship tend to be used much more often as 'food crops' than 'cash crops'.

Though some widely grown 'cash crops' (cotton, timber, cut flowers, opium poppies...) may not be 'food crops', the two terms are not antonyms.


Cash crop is simply a crop you can readily sell. It can also be food. Corn, watermelon, fruit, vegetables,


a cash crop might be something like cotton or tobacco (historic US cash crops) that people might not necessarily eat, and sell for a good amount, which people can then use to buy their own food. A food crop would be like corn, wheat, beans, vegetables and fruit, which can either be sold or simply be eaten by the farmers.


cash crop-something you dont consume such as tobacco, something grown to be sold

food crop- something grown to be eaten, such as corn, its main purpose it to be concumed


cash crops


tobacco and cotton are cash crops


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