Where are the safest places to live in America during a nuclear attack?

I live in Colorado, and so Colorado Springs is definitely a nuclear target because of NORAD. But what are some good places to go? I don't see Utah, Idaho, Nevada or Oregon as particular populated places, so would those be good places to hide out? I understand that nuclear fallout will drift all over the continent, but I'm just wondering what the SAFEST places are in general.


Short answer -

The 'safest' areas in the event of a nuclear attack on the Continental US would be along the Pacific coast at a distance from large population concentrations and military bases. This is for several reasons. Among them :

-Being removed from population centers and military bases will limit your exposure to the direct effects (blast, radiation, heat pulse) of nuclear strikes.

-As already noted, prevailing winds (and thus fallout) travel from West to East. Being generally 'upwind' will limit your exposure to fallout.

-Distance from population centers will also ameliorate the effects of the infrastructure (food/water distribution, sanitation, medical care) breakdown which will occur in the event of a nuclear attack.


A cave a few miles inland from the west coast.

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My guess is a really small town, in the country somewhere. May not want to live in one, but they are by far the safest place because there would be no purpose in bombing one. Anytime you live in a bigger city, your chances of many terrible things go up.


About 10,000 feet underground in a lead surrounded bunker. That is about the only safest place realistically speaking.


I would say the further west you go, the better off you would be for the following reasons. 1. That the prevailing winds blow East, thus spreading the most fallout that way. 2. Being in an isolated place will leave you with far less competition from others for food and supplies, so stock up and learn how to hunt and plant vegetables. 3. A nuclear attack from someone or somewhere very well may result in a full out nuclear war in which the people of Earth may not survive. It may be better to be annihilated in the first blast and be dead before you knew what was going on.


nuclear attack = North America Gone.. lol

small Hydrogen bombs are about 15km diameter, and 10~20km for the mushroom.

IF you're about 50km away from it you won't feel it that much.

but a nuclear attack... is many bombs therefore the whole country gonna be gone. :|


Think i would run to the Dakotas but im too close to Washington Dc to even stand half a chance lol