Why does paranormal activity only ever seem to happen in the dark?

all the tv shows about paranormal activity is in the dark. reports on that sort of thing is always in the evening.

the only time i think ive seen that sort of thing happening in the light is in movies of which they are making it up as they go along

i don't believe in ghosts and stuff but i just want to know where this thing where ghosts only appear in the dark comes from and how it came about


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Good question.

Paranormal happens at any time of the day or night.

One reason is that during the night there are more distractions like noise, shadows, & other distractions.

Also, it is common that paranormal investigators usually have a day job & they need to work at night and get home to sleep before day light.

Also, for some unknown reason 3AM is the peek time for paranormal activity. I think that is because that is the time when there is the least Noise & other distractions.


Not for me it doesn't.

I think that tv shows can only gain access to a place after their regular public hours are over,which is usually daytime hours, and if you notice many proprietors will explain that many of their (daytime) customers experience these things.


I have seen spirits with lights on in a hallway, part lit up rooms. If it wasn't for the sun light that goes through spirits, you would see more during the day.


because its a movie and it makes it scarier. it would be a weird movie if all the stuff happend during the day.


Paranormal activity can happen at any time of day. Ghosts usually don't have a particular time that is good for them . It happens when it happens. Mostly though, investigators usually find that night time is a better time to capture potential evidence. Its dark and allot of them use sensitive equipment that is best used in dark places or at night.Also there is usually less activity by humans during the evening and its usually quieter as so it is usually the optimum time to get best results. One reason that one may experience something at night is that it is allot quieter and the experiencer may be more attuned to this and be able to notice ghostly activity.


Frauds, deceptions and misidentifications are better concealed in obscurity.

And people are more fearful in the dark, and more easily abused.


Humans can't see in the dark, and so we do not know what is actually there.

Our imaginations therefore run wild creating things that aren't actually there or making small things that actually do happen into much more than they actually are. These things we attribute to ghosts. In the light we can see all that happens and so most things around us are known.

That's why most sightings of paranormal activity occur in the dark.


Because there are no such things as ghosts or paranormal activity, it's all in folk's imagination and it's easier to imagine things when you can't see around you. Also, sleep-deprevation and eye tiredness often make people see things. Personally, I get paranoid when I'm sleep-deprived and I always see things out of the corner of my eye. I'm just smart enough that I don't go calling the ghostbusters.

For TV purposes, people have been conditioned to fear the dark and unknown so it helps make the veiwer believe. Also, it's much easier to fake stuff in the dark like that. The dark will cover all mirrors and wires.