Strength of base Cl-, ClO-, ClO2-?

How do I figure out the order of increasing base strength, Cl-, ClO-, ClO2-?

The answer says Cl-, ClO2-, ClO-

But I'm not clear on the reason why. Thanks a lot for any help!


Know that the conjugate base (Cl-) of a strong acid (HCl) is a weak base and the conjugate base of a weak is a strong base. The base strength is inversely proportional to the acid strength.

HCl is one of the seven strong acids. So its conjugate base is the weakest.

Since HClO2 has more O than HClO, HClO2 is a stronger acid than HClO.

So ClO2- is a weaker base than ClO-.


The stronger the base the more readily it will accept a hydrogen ion.

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