How to Be a Genius student?

How to Be a Genius student?


study hard

memorize everything

study hard again


study again

play chess

do maths just for fun

read world events

learn new language


memorize everything

pray to God you'll be a genius

after a few months, years

you'll be a genius~!

Aug 8 at 22:31

Unless your IQ is 140 or better, you'll never technically be a genius.

Now to be a good student is a different item all together.

With respect to math and physics, I can say from experience:

1. Attend as many lectures as you can during classes.

2 Study.

3. Work as many problems as you can.

4. Study some more

5. Strive to learn the concepts; don't memorize.

6. Ask questions if you don't know. That is how you learn and that is why you pay tuition!

7. Study even more!

Aug 9 at 2:17

Thank Goodness that you do NOT have to be a genius to be a good student!

Genius is born not learned.

To be a very good student

1. You have to enjoy what you are learning.

2. You have to be mentally prepared to learn (diet, sleep, exercize, avoid stress)

3. You should prepare for class (homework and reading)

4. You should review what you learn daily

5 You should summarize what you learn weekly

6 You need to find help and study or read outside of class on the things that aren't clear or you have questions about

7 You need focus and discipline

8 You need to realize that your time is limited and you have to choose what to spend it on

9 All work and no play makes jack a dull boy -- too much work makes for "no fun" (see #1, above)

Aug 9 at 6:26

The word "genius" is overused. Anyway, I believe the key ingredient is that you have to have a passion for learning everything you can about whatever you're studying.

Yep - for the most part, it really is just a matter of applying yourself - which in turn is really a matter of motivation.

Hope that helps!

Aug 9 at 10:59

No one's a genius. It's just their hard work and dedication to the subject that they excel in that makes them seem like one.

Aug 9 at 15:54

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