Why do ghosts follow certain people?

Since as far as I could remember, my aunt has always said that there's a spirit who lives with her. She see's her on a regular basis. Everywhere she moves, the spirit follows. I guess you can say my aunt's sort of a psychic, since she can communicate with these spirits. I too have seen spirits, but usually thought nothing of it, thinking that my mind was playing tricks on me. The one exception was this one time when this shadow threw stuff around and tried communicating with me via my computer.

This month, I went over to my aunts house, and went into this small room with my cousins. I saw this young girl with curly red hair, and a white dress, walk in and peek at us. Then she looked me in the eyes, and vanished. I quickly stepped out of the room, and shook my head, thinking that my mind was playing tricks on me.

I later told my aunt about what I saw. She told me to describe the girl to her, and I did. This only caused my aunt to stare at me in shock, and she told me thats the same spirit that she sees all the time. My aunt *never* told any of us how the spirit looked before, hence why it came as a surprise to her when my description of the girl was picture perfect.

She told me that this spirit seems to be bound to our family. It usually follows anyone in our family who can see her. And she warned me, that once she dies, the spirit may bound herself to me, and follow me.

So I was wondering, why do ghosts follow certain people? I've heard that ghosts are usually location bound.. but this doesn't seem to be the case with the young spirit who lives with my aunt.


There is more than one reason why a spirit would follow a person. I have one that I now know follows me since I was four years old. She made her self known to me for four years about six years ago, her name is Erica. She is like either a spirit guide or angel, she is very protective of me, and I seen her come out of my sons room as well, she follow me to my job site once that I know of, and I can feel her presence in my car.

This spirit of the girl in your family I believe the reason why she follows is she knows that this family is sensitive to the spiritual world, and she I believe is seeking help in some way.

Some spirits are there to help you, and some are seeking help, and some are content with the situation at hand and just like being around humans because some do believe or think that they are still alive.


Hmm, the funny thing is that because I know that there is no such thing, I do not have that problem. The solution is simple for anyone who thinks that a ghost is following them: stop thinking there is. As soon as you or your aunt realise that there is no possibility of this happening, then you will find that this is one less thing to worry about.

Don't over-complicate your life with things of fiction.

So now the choice is yours. You and your aunt can continue to believe a closed minded naive delusions, or you can open up to a realistic, non-dramatic far simpler knowledge of existence.


If a child has a respected relative that believes they're involved with ghosts. It's not unusual for them to get involved with them as well.

Your aunt has infected you with Silliosis. Hopefully you'll grow out of it as you mature, and not pass on the infliction to other children.


Hello Anne

Welcome to the world of mediumship. It sounds as though the spirit girl is earthboung. The next time you see this girl, ask your spirit guide and Archangel Michael to come forward and help her go towards the light - in other words to move on to her other realm that awaits her.

There is nothing to fear, you are just a very sensitive soul - otherwise known as a medium.

Lots of Love

Misscpb xxx


It is believed that a person who is "sensitive" will be followed because, well, they are sensitive.

It's like if you were trapped in a well and you had a choice of yelling to the top of the well for help where a blind and deaf person was 10 feet from the opening of the well, OR, be given a cell phone with clear signal and lots of batteries to communicate your distress call.....sorta like that. (pardon my crappy analogies)

If a spirit recognizes that you recognize them back, get ready to be spirit stalked.

Good news is they are harmless and sometimes entertaining.


There are no such things as ghosts, as far as modern scientific inquiry is concerned. If you are seeing things you may want to get an MRI done that tests for brain tumors, as tumors near the visual cortex can produce visual hallucinations. If it's a genetic thing that runs in your family that may explain your grandmothers visions as well. You could then have planted ideas in each other that caused your independent "viewings" to agree. You can look up the body of research on eye-witness testimony to see how easily memories can be altered. It's more likely that you both have an active imagination and that this is some shared experience that you can use to bond, but you may want to get checked just in case.


As near as anybody can tell, spirits exist only as a belief in the human mind, so people who

believe that they see ghosts tend to be the only people who claim to see them. We are

tremendously suggestible creatures, so there are people who *want* to see ghosts, and thus

believe that they see them.

I believe it is best to be free of such beliefs to make life simpler and less fraught with fear.


anyone who thinks spirits are a delusion need to think again the veil that seperates us from sprit is thinner at the moment and will continue to get thinner the our planet is going through huge changes in energy shifts its not a case of people beleving in them seeing them thats rubbish it just means peolple who are closed minded are frightened on a subconcious level to allow themselves to see or feel anything we deem paranormal when in fact these things are quite normal ive been seeing spirit and feeling the paranormal scince childhood im not delusional or mad in fact im a counscelor and studied physcology there are many dimensions or planes on which spirit reside after all everything is energy and energy is infinate so of course when our bodies die our lifeforce energy lives on formless but able to replicate form and sound some spirits are lower entities some are trapped souls clinging to earthly existance or wanting to change or do something or tell someone something before they go into the next plane thats why its very dangerous to play around with oiuji boards and the like you dont know who you are bringing through many peolpe have there lives seriously affected by bad spirits several things to do then read the lords prayer / and no im not a bible basher at all / although it contains many powerful references to god or universal power buy some sage incence etc burn it around the house until smoke filled clap make noise ask it to leave say the lords prayer or psalm 83 chapter 18 is a powerful short to the point reference to universal power which is ultimatley love the forces of darknesss being fear and believe it or not these two energies have been proven by science fear being lower frequency and love being higher also if your depressed you will attracted negative energy and if your happy the opposite is true music also is a good barrier to negative energy unless its of the bad kind lastly if you still have no luck many people now are offering services to get rid of unwanted spirit in locasl papers or spiritual shops anyway good luck and dont lety anyone tell you your imagining it all because scientific proof exsists to the existence of spirit and i have plenty of documents films etc