Was the moon landing in 1969 real or fake?

What do you think?


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B.J., there were TWO manned Moon landings in 1969. Apollo 11 in July and Apollo 12 in November. There were four more Apollo landings in subsequent years. Please consider doing some basic research on the Apollo program before you start making accusations about a hoax. The Moon landing hoax theories are based on ignorance and misinformation and they have been debunked many times. Images taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter show leftover Apollo hardware and even ASTRONAUT FOOTPATHS on the Moon's surface. The landings were real. To say otherwise is irrational and it is an insult to the scientists and engineers who worked hard for years on the program and the brave astronauts who trained hard and risked their lives to reach the Moon.





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The "Moon landing was faked" scam is an IQ Test for the general public. When you hear anyone claim that we never landed on the Moon, you can be certain you're listening to someone with an IQ under 100. Never fails.


it was 100% real BUT the reason they did it is not what you see moon rocks contain 200 cc's of plutonium which are needed to power UFO's and military grade flying machines...without this plutonium we would be a sitting duck in the war of worlds. Analysts say it will take about 10-20 years before the Klastraphos of Jupiter come attacking us for having such a high interplanetary debt. Prepare yourselves young warriors. It's a rough road ahead


First of all I'd just like to say that one of the main reasons that people think it was DEFINITELY fake is because they noticed that in the pictures, you don't see any stars/constellations/etc., often joking that we "forgot to add the stars into the pictures" or some crap like that. The explanation for this, as most photographers would know, is that it's difficult to capture bright objects with darker objects, and you can imagine that this applied even more in 1969 when the cameras weren't of the same quality of the ones we have around now, 41 years later. And no, I won't doubt that there's a possibility that the landing in 1969 was fake, but I think it sure as hell isn't as likely as the landing being REAL. I'm not 100% sure, of course, because I wasn't personally there. But you can believe what you'd like, as it's your personal opinion :D


real, if they had faked it the russians would've found it out and exposed it


Both manned moon landings in 1969, Apollo 11 and Apollo 12, had been real. Just like all the five attempts for a unmanned moon landings by the Soviets.

There had been altogether 6 manned moon landings, two manned missions into Lunar orbit (Apollo 8 and Apollo 10), a single manned fly-by of the moon (Apollo 13) and two manned test missions in LEO (Apollo 7 and Apollo 9) in the whole Apollo program. All well documented even by independent (Outside NASA and the USA) sources. It is not like things happened only inside NASA and all technology suddenly appeared by magical means. A lot of the technology needed for Apollo was developed during the Gemini program, for example how to do EVAs, that can last up to 8 hours. It is not as simple as just getting out of the spacecraft and holding your breath. NASA had a lot of trouble with it before the problems had been solved and astronauts had been able to really work in space. One of the Apollo 11 astronauts, Buzz Aldrin, is actually praised and credited with solving many EVA problems, while preparing for his Gemini mission. Not even the astronauts did magically appear out of nowhere.