Do people really poop when they die?

I want answers from credible sources only! I don't want any "yea they do hurrrr" or anything! I understand that when you die, your muscles would relax and so if you were holding back poop when you were alive, when you die it comes out.

What I don't understand is, when you don't HAVE to go poop, it's pretty much impossible TO go poop! Even if you are pushing to expel the poop, if you don't have to go, nothing will come out! So HOW CAN IT BE that someone would poop when they die, if they didn't have to poop right before then?


Not that I've heard of. I've seen people die (I'm an EMT) and none of them pooped. It would make sense, I suppose, but I've just never seen it.


its more about your bladder releasing all its contents....its muscles are dead and relaxed so it just lets go of all your excrement's


Well unfortunately yes because when you die all your muscles stop working and that ends up making you release whatever you had in your bladder. k hope this helped you out- katlyn


It's like you're saying - if there's a well-formed poo right there ready to go, when you die, it will definitely come out because you'll relax the sphincter that's holding it in.

But if you've been recently, and it's just that there's intestinal contents from dinner or whatever still higher up in your intestine (still mushy and yet to be formed into a proper poo), that will definitely stay there.


When you're dead you (generally) lose control of your muscles, they relax - even those around your bowel and bladder.

The body will excrete all waste upon expiration - so, when you die you will void your bladder and your bowels.

The reason you can't poop when you try to is simply because your bowls haven't filled up to the point where you can consciously get rid of the waste inside it, but if it were possible to truly relax your body while conscious then ANY waste would excrete from your body. It's not because there isn't any, it's because you haven't reached the level yet.