Can grasshopper survive if it loses a leg?

Can grasshopper survive if it loses a leg?


Yup, my boyfriend has pet grasshoppers every summer. He caught a gimpy one that only had one leg and it does fine.

As long as they are in captivity they have a lesser chance of getting eaten by a bird.

Aug 19 at 21:49

why do you want to know?

Aug 20 at 1:35

yes i've seen one with no legs, still alive... i put it out of its misery... i'm sorry... it looked pitiful...

Aug 20 at 5:44

they can survive but loosing a leg will slow anyone or thing down. Poor creature.

Aug 20 at 10:16

Yes, insects can survive without legs, however then they will have little to no way to get food and eventually starve to death.

Aug 20 at 15:11