Differentiate acids, bases and salt.?

Give atleast 5 differences on each.

thanks :)



1) have pH value < 7

2) tastes sour

3) change litmus paper from blue to red

4) releases hydrogen ions in water solutions


1) have pH value > 7

2) tastes bitter

3) change litmus from red to blue

4) release hydroxide ions in water solutions


1) compounds containing negative ions of acid and positive ions of base


ACIDS can be defined as

-compounds producing H+ when in aqueous solutions

-proton donors

-02- acceptors

-electron acceptors

BASES can be difined as

-compounds producing OH- when in aqueuos solutions

-proton acceptors

-02- donors

-electron donors

SALTS can either be an acid or a base depending on what reactions it is involved in.this is true as it can produce both a proton (H+) or a hyroxyl group (OH-). It can be a product from the reaction of a base an an acid.( NaOH + HCI = NaCI