What does (AUB)' means in venn diagram?

does (A U B)' = A' U B' if not what does it mean?


Draw a Venn Diagram showing Circles A and B intersecting.

(A U B)` is then the area that lies outwith the circles and their intersection.

Sep 2 at 22:46

Actually it's A' (intesected with) B'.

This is demorgan's theorem, you should check it out! It's pretty useful for these things :)

For a venn diagram, it's all the space outside both circles.

Sep 3 at 2:32

Its a DeMorgan law. Actually it should be (AUB)'=A' intersect B' .In venn diagram it means (AUB)' means the things that are not in A or B. A' intersect B' means the things that are not in A and the things thar are not in B.

Sep 3 at 6:41