(PHYSICS) Which comes first in a new idea: the math or the science?

Anyone up for helping me out with this Physics question?

It'd be great appreciated!


That is like asking..."which is denser...rock or granite?"

Granite is a type of rock. You cannot say granite is denser than rock or rock is denser than granite.

Similarily, math is a type of science. Asking which came first, the math or the science is meaningless.


The idea


The thought comes first.

The thought can be verified by math analysis or the question about an observed result can be resolved by math analysis.


Neither. First is one or more patterns of neural firings in a brain.

I can point to many examples of each happening first.

By "first" I mean preceding the other.

There is no consensus about whether mathematics is a science. It is certainly a rigorous discipline that has real world utility and is subject to peer review. Personally, I do NOT think it is a science: There are NO theories that are not provable yet is has been proven that there ARE mathematical propositions that are true but not provable. While both science and mathematics agree that each system is incomplete, is has been proven that any (sufficiently powerful/useful) set of mathematical axioms can NOT ever BE complete this is at diametrical odds with the Scientific viewpoint that Science approaches Truth in the limit of total knowledge. ANd lets not even talk about the difference between a real physical infinity and a mathematical one...

Math is the Queen of the Sciences, they say (I say but not necessarily a countrywoman)

See Kurt Godel's incompleteness theorems