Can a hurricane hit California?

Can It happen? Has it ever happened? If not why?


Yes, some hurricanes did make landfall in California (see the article), but it's a rare event.


It is extremely rare but most likely will never happen. Then again tornadoes never happen, yet two landed in Southern California about a year or two ago.

We do get VERY heavy winds, and those occur during heavy rains frequently. That might be as close as you can get though.


Unlike what a poster previous stated, tornados can and do occur in California, and are much, much more frequent than a Hurricane hitting the state, which is an extremely rare event. Now, one tropical storm actually hit the L.A. area back in the 1930's and caused flash flooding which killed dozens of people. However, this is a very rare event, due to the wind currents, and also the cold waters along the entire coast of California all year long.

Can it happen? Absolutely, just very very rare, maybe once in 100 years.


It's very very rare for a hurricane to occur in California , the water in the ocean must get very warm in order for it to start it needs to get as warm as the water is the west Atlantic ocean ( where hurricanes usually happen).it can't happen in California, but hurricanes in California... Oh but since global warming happened the water tempertures have increase in the pacific ocean so california is doomed to have the biggest hurricane ever , even worse that Katrina ..... So get ready ( but that's later in the future...