Did aliens kill off the dinosaurs?

Did aliens kill off the dinosaurs?


Why would you think that? The planet at the time was subject to bombardments from space. Not to mention seismic and volcanic activity. Aliens do exist but they would be far more enlightened than this primate species, and therefore would have a certain respect for life of any kind.


I don't think so. There's more evidence that other natural scenarios killed them off, than there is of any aliens purposefully exterminating them. I can't think of any reason that aliens would come all the way here to kill them off, but if anyone shows some evidence that it could have happened, I'd be interested in reading it. Here are more likely scenarios, along with some different points of view:…………


My friend showed me on Youtube a Russian documentary about that theory. The amazing fact I remembered that in one valley people found several thousands dinosaurs and all ( !) had broken bones. Who could do it? Only aliens!