Why does morphine make people all loopy?

My brother had to go to the ER because he busted his elbow open. (he is 18) they took him in a room with a half curtain because some dude/chick was on the otherside. They had to hold him down to stitch it up and clean it with soapy water. Then they gave him morphine so he would stop screaming. After like 15 minutes he was like saying stupid/random stuff and he was acting all weird and a female doctor came in to check on him and my mom went to get something from the cafeteria and he tried to pull up his gown and he was saying like hey baby and sexy and he was being weird. How come morphine makes you all loopy? what does it like do to your body.


Morphine works at receptors in your brain (and elsewhere in your body...) to reduce painful sensations. These receptors are responsible for a host of other things too, hence the side effects of opioids. Euphoria and disinhibition have been well-described for morphine and other opioids, and many patients have responded in ways similar to that which you described for your brother.


Morphine is a powerful sedative. It can cause bizarre behavior in some patients. In other patients, they simply go to sleep because now they are comfortable and can rest.