When table sugar (sucrose, C12H22O11) is heated, it decomposes to form C and H2O.?

Part A

Write a balanced equation for the process.

Part B

How many grams of carbon are formed by the breakdown of 59.0g of sucrose?

Part C

How many grams of water are formed when 3.40g of carbon are formed?


Part A

C12H22O11 = 12C 11H2O

Part B

sucrose = 342.2979 g/mol

59.0g / 342.2979 g/mol = 0.2 mol of sucrose

(0.2 mol of sucrose)(12 mol of carbon / 1 mol of sucrose) = 2.4 mol of carbon

(2.4 mol)(12.01078 g/mol) = 28.8 g of carbon

Part C

3.40 g / 12.01078 g/mol = 0.28 mol

(0.28 mol of carbon)(11 mol of H2O / 12 mol of carbon) = 0.27mol of H2O

(0.27mol)(18.0153 g/mol) = 4.86 g of H2O