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Barium (Ba) has two valence electrons, and these electrons are located in the 6s subshell. Without using the periodic table, in which group and period is barium located?

Group 1A, Period 6

Group 2A, Period 6

Group 1A, Period 7

Group 2A, Period 7


Barium (Ba) is located in Group 2A, Period 6 because we know that Barium (Ba) has two valence electrons (All elements in Group 2A have two valence electrons ) and is located in the 6s subshell (the sixth period) therefore it's in Group 2A, Period 6

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Group 2A, Period 6


Group 2A Period 6


number 2

periods are the rows on the table. which also refer to the elctrons in the outermost subshell. so, its i the 6th shell. which means its in the 6th line down. and it's 2 over, so it's in group 2