I took aspirin on a empty stomach?

Ok so my wisdom teeth are growing in and it is painful. I woke up i couldn't open my mouth wide enough to eat anything in my dorm. So i finally ate 3 baby carrots (all i could) and took my vitamin and aspirin. Now my stomach is churning and feels like im hungry but worse. Am i ok? lol


Well, you will be. Aspirin on an empty stomach can be upsetting, but it's not something that will cause any long term damage. It might make you vomit, but once you've done that, you'll feel completely better (except for your mouth, unfortunately). Also, FYI, vitamins on an empty stomach will also cause nausea. I think you "double dipped" on this one. :(

So, first thing is to find some food that's not hard. Baby carrots were perhaps the worst thing you could choose, considering they take so much jaw work to get through. Some pudding, perhaps, or even cottage cheese, will be a better option for someone with tooth/jaw pain.

Next, please tell me that you're finding help for the wisdom teeth. They're not going to get better on their own. If they're causing you this much pain, it's very likely that this isn't just the pain of them pushing through your gums. Chances are, they're impacted, and surgery and medication are the only things that will make it better. If you're not insured through your parents, check in at the campus clinic, to see what help they can offer.


1] use a small spoon or fork

2] cut all food into tiny pieces

3] eat soft food - scrambled eggs, soft-cooked veggies, bite size pieces of soft bread, ice cream/yogurt, applesauce, jello etc.

4] take aspirin with a little food

5] see your family dentist ASAP!