Do covalent bonds only occur with non-metals?

I suppose if you can answer than then could you also tell me if ionic bonding only happens in metals or not?

I read some confusing notes in my revision guide so if anybody can help me out that would be great.

Thanks in advance :)


At GCSE level, covalent is only between two non-metals, Ionic is only between a metal and a non-metal.




covalent bonds mostly occur in non metals....carbon is the best example!.C-C bonds,H-H bonds etc.

ionic bonds occurs between electropositive and electronegative elements.....HCl,NaCl..etc


when atoms share electrons, the positive nucleus of each atom is attracted to the shared negative electrons. the pull between the positive and negative charges is the force that keeps these atoms joined......hope this hepls :)


The electrons are shared between the atoms. An ionic bond occurs between a metal and a non-metal. The metal donates one or more electrons to the non-metal, causing the metal to have a positive charge. When the non-metal accepts the electrons, it becomes negatively charged, thus resulting in an attraction between the two charged ions, and forming a bond.