Can any nonliving things evolve?

Can any nonliving things evolve?


Not naturally or on their own. Living things, as the name suggests, are lively and active. They are made up of cells; exhibit characteristics of life, like growth, movement, reproduction, response to stimuli; they evolve, and require energy for daily activities. Some of the daily life examples of living things around us are human beings, animals, plants and micro organisms.

Non-livings things do not exhibit any characteristics of life. They do not grow, respire, need energy, move, reproduce, evolve, or maintain homeostasis. These things are made up of non-living materials. Some examples of non-living things are stones, paper, electronic goods, books, buildings, and automobiles.

1. Living things can move, but non-living things cannot.

2. Energy is required by living things, while non-livings do not require energy.

3. Living things are capable of growth, reproduction and death.

4. Non-living things are non-motile, but living things can move around.

5. Living things respire; non-living things do not respire.

6. Living things adapt to the surroundings and respond to stimulus.


Not on their own; things like cars evolve because we build on an old model to build something new and better.