What would represent (ER)Endoplasmic Reticulum in a household?

What object or room in a household could represent a ER...? PLS help... THX! :D


Well... seeing as the rough endoplasmic reticulum synthesizes proteins, I'd say that its household equivalent would be a kitchen.


Kitchen? since ER produce variety of protein from amino acids (as a raw materials). It's like mom cooking (produce variety of food) from raw things, like fish, chicken, vegetables?


ER is the location where proteins from the ribosomes are dumped, to be packaged and sent via the golgi. If your house had a craft room, or a family room, it could be a parallel. Otherwise, I would say the kitchen. If you bake cookies to give to someone, you throw them in a tin, or on a plate to give to someone, that would be a good parallel to rough er- er- golgi.