A few chemistry questions I am stuck on.?

-A cat strolls across your backyard. An hour later, a dog with its nose to the ground follows the trail of the cat. Explain what is going on from a molecular point of view.

Can't figure that out for the life of me.

-Which has more atoms: a 1-g sample of carbon-12 or a 1-g sample of carbon-13?

Ok, I have got answers to this one, however, I'm just not sure. Isn't CARBON an atom itself? Are protons and neutrons considered atoms? Other wise they are the same...correct? Carbon-13 is just heavier due to the extra neutron.

-How can a hydrogen atom, which only has one electron, create so many spectral lines?

stuck on this.


-the cat leaves a trail of odors and the dog smells it. if you know what odors are on a molecule point of view, you know the answer

-well protons and neutrons aren't atoms. an atom is an aggregate of these two and surrounded by electrons (as much as there are protons). well depending on the number of protons/electrons an atom is an element or another. the number of neutrons arent fixed, so the same element can have different versions of atoms (usually it's a mix). carbon is an element, and an atom with 6 protons/electrons is a carbon atom. yeah C-13 is heavier than C-12. so, yeah you got it right

-a hydrogen atom only has 1 electron, but you always have more than 1 atom. and every atom have several possible energy states for the electron. hence the several spectral lines