Can velocity be zero when acceleration is non zero.?

Can velocity be zero when acceleration is non zero.?


yes at the highest position of the flight of a body the velocity is zero but acceleration isn't.............


may be or may not be.


YES! but not

permanently ,only




This may sound crazy but if a car was sliding down a hill (lets say -5Km/hr) and the driver pressed down on the accerator. The car would accerelate say at a steady rate from say -5Km/hr to 5km/hr. If you drew a graph you could see a point which the speed was zero.

However, accelation cannot be calculated on a single point and then the answer could be no.

Its interesting. Where did you get the question from.


that's impossible. velocity is simply speed with a direction and acceleration is rate of change of velocity. if you use calculus, differentiating a speed time graph gives you velocity time graph as the first derivative and taking the second derivative of the speed time graph gives you acceleration time graph. so we can clearly see that the three are closely linked i.e. speed, velocity and acceleration

now back to your question.

if velocity is zero therefore speed is zero. as i mentioned above velocity is just speed in a specified direction. so at the end of the a zero velocity means the object is not moving therefore there is no change in speed, therefore zero acceleration. displacement is also zero if velocity is zero



for example:

a car travelling at velocity of -10m/s at time = 0s is accelerating at 10m/s^2

at time=1 s,

the velocity would be 0 but the car would still be accelerating at 10m/s^2

so for this scenario, the car would be deceleraing from a SPEED of 10m/s at time = 0s to the left for one sec thn would change diection at time = 1s and would start to move to the right

draw a graph for this...

u will see that at time = 1s the velocity would be zero