What does (sec x)^2 equal?

Would it be sec^2(x^2)?

or just sec^2(x), or sec(x^2)?



? sec?x ?=? sec(x)

? (sec?x)2 ?=? (sec?x)(sec?x) ?=? sec2?x ?or? sec2(x)

? (sec?x)2 ?≠? sec(x2)

Hope that clears it up for you.

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in that form it means ...sec x * sec x.....

sec^2 x = sec (x)^2 or sec (x*x)

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(sec x)2 = (secx)(secx) and is usaully written as sec2x

it is not the same as sec x2 !


Sec (Secant) is a Trig function. It is the Reciprocal of Cosine.

(sec x) ^2 == You take the secant of X then square it.

X would be an angle of a triangle.


wish people would use ^'s where they need to be, would make their attempts at answering much more clear