Help me I give 10 pts please! I spent 3 days on this?

The square loop in the figure below is made of wires with a total series resistance of 10 ohms . It is placed in a uniform 0.100 T magnetic field directed perpendicular into the plane of the paper. The loop, which is hinged at each corner, is pulled as shown until the separation between points A and B is 3 m. If this process takes 0.100 s, what is the magnitude and direction of the average current generated in the loop?

Please explain your steps too!


Here are the three concepts you need.

The magnetic flux is equal to the magnetic field times the area the field passes through flux = B*A

The induced EMF is equal to the change in flux over time EMF = d(flux)/dt

The induced current is equal to the EMF divided by the resistance. I = EMF/R

Since the B field is constant you therefor have to figure out dA/dt. How is the area changing with time. I think it is a simple as Afinal - Ainitial divided by 0.1 s.

Now EMF = B*(Afinal - Ainitial)/0.1 s

Divide that by the resistance and you should have your current.