Can I take Hydromet and NyQuil together?

So I took my Hydromet syrup about 1 hour ago...wondering if I can take NyQuil (liquid caps) now as I'm still coughing a bit + my headache is still lingering.

Would this be okay?

I'm pretty sure that the drugs in hydromet [hydrocodone and homatropine (sp)] are not in NyQuil but I'm not sure if thats ALL thats in hydromet.



The homatropine in hydromet and doxylamine are very similar. They can cause excess sedation, dry mouth, and possibly palpitations if taken together. Your nyquil contains dextromethorophan, a cough suppressant, and tylenol/acetaminophen for pain. They hydrocodone will tackle cough and pain. I would probably shy away from taking the nyquil unless you took a half dose of hydromet, the benefits of taking it are marginal at this point, since HC blows DM away for cough suppressant properties.