Where is the safest place to be when the super volcanoe erupts?

Lol call me dumb or whatever, but I let myself read a few articles about 2012 and now I am absolutely freaking out. I know there have been many end of the world predictions before, but there are a lot of events taking place in 2012. And it just kinda seams likely to me.

Either way I just wanna know where the safest place would be if the super volcanoe in yellowstone erupts. I know that it block out the sun with ashes and a lot of people would die even if they got away from the actual eruption due to starvation and all that, but I'm just focusing on avoiding the eruption part. I know most of north america is gonna be destroyed. Is there a link or something to a map of the world with highlights for affects on certain places?

Please and thank you!


Relax. The chances of an eruption at yellowstone are not imminent!

Ground Deformation Summary: The period of caldera uplift that began in 2004 ended over one year ago. Since then, the caldera has been subsiding, though seasonal deformation from ground water changes may temporarily mask the trend - Yellowstone Volcano Observatory.


the international space station


Several kilometers away is safe


Yea... no **** North America is gonna get destroyed...

My best suggestion of where to be on this planet when/if a super volcano erupts? Not on this planet


The super volcano at Yellowstone may not erupt for hundreds or thousands of years. But if you're worried about it, you should be safe on either coast.


You can come down and stay in my spare bedroom. I mean downunder, way down in Australia.

However, the 2012 stories are a HOAX or a SCAM.