What is the strongest metal on Earth?

What is the strongest metal on Earth?


Tungsten is the strongest metal known to man at this time. The name "tungsten" is taken from the Swedish word, tung sten, meaning "heavy stone," and is a tough, steel-gray to white metal. Tungsten is known as the metal for making filaments in common incandescent light bulbs. The application takes advantage of the fact that tungsten has the highest melting temperature of any metal. Its temperature can be raised to the point where it glows with a brilliant white light. Most other metals vaporize before they can produce much light. A lot of tungsten is also used in the manufacture of tungsten carbide. This is an extremely hard material that is used for making industrial cutting tools and abrasives. The remainder of the world's production of tungsten metal is used as an alloy in steel. Tungsten steel is noted for its toughness and stability at high temperatures. Nozzles for rocket engines, for example, are made from tungsten steel. The strongest metal compounds are intermetallic alloys. It is difficult to be specific, though, within the category of these compounds. (Mr. Arvind Kamath, The University of Texas at Austin and Exploring Chemical Elements and Their Compounds, by David L. Heiserman)

Not titanium!


The strongest metal is Tungsten, when its in its purest form.


There are many metals fighting for the title of strongest. Tungsten is one of the most popular.


Tungsten is the strongest metal.

Tungsten - 1 KG? $60!


Adamantine. Just kidding, everyone else got it correct.


Tungsten is the strongest. But, there is a light alternative. Titanium. It is not as strong, but is lighter and is easier to work with. If I hade to build a fast, light, strong tank, I would use titanium.


Tungsten has the highest tensile strength, tensile strength is the ability to not deformed when being pulled apart, but titanuim is EXTREMELY strong for it`s weight