Can you become dependant on melatonin?

my boyfriend told me to take melatonin as a sleeping aid because i don't sleep well. i thought about it, but can you become dependant on it and not be able to sleep without it?


It does not seem to be addictive. However, you can develop a dependency on just about anything, particularly something you are relying on to help you sleep. If you use it, use it only to reestablish a healthy pattern of sleep. Then switch to herbal nervine sedatives and relaxants. Then wean yourself of everything. I personally find melatonin a useful sleep aid for myself, it is an herb and is in no way narcotic, I have not found any problems from using it. Another useful sleeping aid is benadryl and Valerian root, for me this combination seemed to work a little better with my sleep problems. I would definetly recommend taking a shot at it, and if u feel like u may need something stronger ask your doctor about trazodone, it is also non-habit forming unlike other prescribed sleep meds such as Ambien or Lyrica. Anyhow good luck ma'am! i hope this helped a bit!