Which process primarily digests food? MULTIPLE CHOICE.Plz explain,if you can! :)?

I really need help with this question. please help explain if you can, Thanks!

Food is digested primarily by the process of __________________.

a. reduction

b. oxidation

c. dehydration

d. hydrolysis

e. none of these are correct



Carbohydrate, proteins, and lipids are produced via dehydration in which a water molecule is removed between two atoms (hydrogen + hydroxide in carbs = glycosidic linakge, glycerol + fatty acid = ester linkage, and amine + carboxyl = peptide linkage in protein). To break these polymers into monomers, water molecule must be added; hence, the macromolecule must be hydrolyzed.

Reduction and oxidation do occur when our body metabolizes the monomers (e.g. glucose in glycolysis), but to get these monomers the polymers must first be broken down via hydrolysis.


i might be wrong but i think its

a) reduction because digestion is the process by which food broken down so that it can be used by the body

Digestion begins in the mouth. Your teeth

and tongue break down or masticate food and your salivary glands break it down further with liquid enzymes. Saliva is a watery tasteless liquid mixture that moistens chewed food and begins chemical

digestion. The salivary glands produce this saliva. Saliva contains an enzyme that begins the breakdown of starches into sugars. Saliva contains amylase that is an enzyme that begins the chemical digestion of complex carbohydrates