Can sharks be trained to stop biting people?

I think the biting needs to stop


No you can't. There is only so much you can do. You can throw sharks nets around the beaches to stop them from getting in, you can put up signs warning of sharks in the area, but with millions of people going into the ocean every year attacks are going to happen. The only way to stop attacks is to not go into the ocean. Remember they were there first it is there domain, humans are pathetic weaklings in the ocean, so we are the ones that don't belong. Doing anything to the Sharks just to satisfy our want would be crazy. Every person that enters the ocean knows there is a possibility of a shark, every surfer knows they are there, but day after day they still go surfing, even when there has been a recent attack close by surfers and really any person who loves the ocean still goes in. People who survive shark attacks still enter the water after the attack.


Sharks are wild animals and thats their instinct. They could probably get used to humans but they would still be unpredictable. Their teeth will grow back if you try to take them out.