Why are tigers the most dangerous of the four big cats in the genus panthera?

Why are tigers the most dangerous of the four big cats in the genus panthera?


Leopards are the man eaters, that kill unprovoked.

Tigers kill humans, but usually because the humans annoyed them, or because humans have destroyed their home or prey.

Leopards are the true man eaters.


All big cats are dangerous.. Tigers are perhaps more so than some because of their size and where they live in the world. Leopards can be dangerous man-eaters too, but in the Sundarbans it is tigers who regularly attack man.

Excerpt.. Tiger attacks are frequent in the Sundarbans. Between 100 and 250 people are killed per year.…

I think that it really depends on where you live, what the game is like and what big cat is prevalent. In areas where man has encroached upon habitat and wild game is scarce, the local species of big cat will accordingly become more dangerous to man. Lions, leopards, tigers, cougars.. all have been known to attack and kill humans for food. This is generally why big cats are more dangerous than other animals such as bears who usually attack not to eat people but because people are in their way.

There is a crazy video on youtube, I don't know what it's called but it is a video of a Tiger attacking a man on the back of an elephant. They were attempting to catch and relocate the tiger as it was a problem in the area.. it's worth a watch to see a massive tiger just appear out of green grass and jump 10 feet straight up an elephant.. the guy she was aiming for lived, but man what a thing to see. You realize just how truly helpless and weak people are against all big cats when you see that.


They aren't. Leopards are the ones that kill the most people.

You might say tigers are the most dangerous because they're the biggest and strongest, but all the Panthera cats can kill a human with ease so this doesn't make much difference really.


Its their size and ferocity and hunting finesse.