How does Hemophilia affect the individual's behavior or life style?

How does Hemophilia affect the individual's behavior or life style?


Its a bit of a broad brush question. Hemophilia is not a catch all type of disorder. One could have mild hemophilia in which they would only be affected by it when they need to have some type of surgery for example. The best way I could put it is that a person that is 100 pounds overweight vs a person who is 5 pounds overweight. Both are overweight but one is far more extreme and has more completions than the other.

One thing to remember is that a person with hemophilia will stop bleeding BUT it just takes longer. If a person with hemophilia did not have the ability to stop bleeding they would die from a paper cut. I often find this to be one of the hardest ideas to get through to people.

Access to treatment is by far is the key to how the individuals behavior and life style. A person with good access can lead a long and close to normal life. If a person has no access or very limited access this can without question lower the persons quality of life and/or cut their life short.

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May 17 at 17:3

You have to careful not to get cut or else you can bleed to death, unless you get to a hospital in time and get blood coagulant treatment.

May 17 at 20:49

Of course. They would need to avoid activities which could cause injury.

May 18 at 0:58