What does not excluded means on dna test?

not excluded means that he is not the father of the child? the test 50% chance because he was the only one tested. but they got the mother and the so called father blood type, bu wht about the child's blood type? the can tell u, u are the fatherjust to get child support.


"Not Excluded" means the test could not prove that he was NOT the father. So it means that he could be the father, but doesn't prove that he is.


i think it means he's possibly the father...not sure, but it sounds like hes a possibility. im confused on what else you said in your question. it shouldnt matter if he was the only one tested. if they have the mothers and the childs they can compare the childs to the fathers and see if the dna matches up. its done through gel electrophoresis. they cut up the dna and run it through an electrical thing that attracts the dna, and the smaller the strand the farther it moves through the gel. therefore dna the baby got from its father should be at the exact same level as its fathers dna