"When science begins to study non-physical phenomena?

it will make more progress in one decade than all the previous centuries of its existence."

Do you agree with Nicola Tesla?


I'd love to know what a 'non-physical phenomena' is. Any old example would do.


I disagree, because if something is non-physical there is no way for us to detect it any way. Thus scientists, nor anyone else, can say anything about it.


No. Tesla pioneered some aspects of radio but never made a commercial proposition of them, and had a couple of other brilliant ideas, notably the use of alternating current. From there he degenerated into a gunner. "I'm gunner do this" and "I'm gunner do that." Now I won't say that he was not badly advised or that some of his best ideas were not taken from him without proper compensation. If he had not come up with them someone else would have and pretty soon too.

That does not make him the unheralded super-genius of the late 19th century. Nor does it make him an authority on the future of science. But that quote makes him appear deluded.