Things that naturally occur?

What occurs naturally?

For example, volcanoes, rivers and seas.

I am having some trouble thinking of more things!

I will pick a best answer too :)


Events that occur: tornadoes, typhoons, hurricanes, sandstorms, floods, earthquakes, rain, northern lights, tsunami, mudslide, avalanche,

Geographic features: mountains, lakes, fjords, streams, sand dunes, creek, delta, stack, meadows, desert, island, ocean, cave, iceburg, forest, jungle, rainforest, valley, waterfall

Affecting people: famine, disease, drought

The ones that fit best with the ones that you gave would be mountains, desert, island, ocean, lakes, waterfall

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1. Mountains

2. Rivers

3. Sea

4. Oceans

5. Iceburgs

6. Rain

7. Hail storms

8. Aurora Borialis

9. Waterfalls

10. Caves

11. Desserts

12. Forests

13. Valleys


1. Volcanos

2. Tornados

3. Water Sprites

4. Tsunami

5. Earth Quakes

6. Mud Slide

7. Forest Fires

why pertel?

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