How can i get rid of my foot fetish?

i'm 16 male, i regret when i watch gir's feet/shoes. I want to kiss them, or rub them.

I don't want to kneel down in front of a girl in street and want her to rub her feet.

Can you give me a way/suggestion to get rid of this feeling?

Thanks alot.


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That is a more common fetish. As long as you still like breasts and other features of females that males are supposed to like, and the foot thing is only in addition to that, you should be able to carry out normal relationships. Just don't tell girls at the beginnings of relationships, do normal things with them and tell them when the time is right. It's just a quirky weird thing about you. Many people have fetishes, more than you'd probably suspect. It isn't a big deal if you don't make it one. There isn't a way I'm aware of to get rid of it.


Mate I'm 26 and I have tried to get rid of my fetish. I tried religion, I tried pretending I liked boobs but nothing works. You can't cure a fetish. The best you can do is accept it as part of who you are and enjoy it. And don't let the people who make fun of you put you down. They are just closed minded.


I would suggest watching a foot fetish porn on a computer but not in a public library to where people can see you. If you have a computer watch a foot fetish porn or watch YouTube and type in foot fetish. Heck if you don't have a computer, have somebody bring you a porn mag and some videos that really involves foot fetish. It's very normal to have that feeling towards women but as long as you don't bother them then you're alright. LOL! Seriously please consider my advice and you feel better!


ummmmm why get rid of it? its a great fetish to have :) just find a girl who is cool with it, thats what i did and its seriously the most amazing relationship ive ever had


It's yours forever. Accept it and move on.


Smell some stinky socks. Then think about feet. Stinky feet are not sexy.....retrain your brain. Feet are smelly. They are not sexy. Think about stinky instead of sexy.


Just accept it. its part of yourself. If thats not an option, you can try finding other things that you really like in girls.


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