What famous people or professional athletes have Asperger Syndrome?

I'm mostly looking for Professional athletes that have AS



While I cannot say for certain, I do remember it being mentioned that Dennis Rodman is suspected to have Aspergers. Dr. Drew Pinsky considered it in an episode of either Celeb Rehab or Sober House.


im gonna agree with david, aspies are unlikely to become atheletes, they are more likely to use the brain they have, the inteligence they have, and go on to do soemthing liek sciences

but, saying that, i have no idea about athletics at all, so there probably are some asperger athletes, but i wouldnt expect very many

but that doesnt mean its impossible, i think an aspie can do wahtever they put their mind to


There was that basketball player who had autism. I don't remember his name but he played basketball and was in the media for it and even a book was written about him. I think he played for his high school. He isn't real famous but he shows how it is possible that people on the spectrum can be good at sports.

Kassianne Sibley who is a activist for autism is a very good gymnast. She is famous in the autism community and well known and she is good at that sport.

I hope these answered your question. Even though these people don't have a AS diagnoses and have the autism diagnoses instead, I hope this still helps.


People with Aspergers tend to have poor hand eye coordination and aren't very athletic.


A year ago, none of them. In a year, 50% of them. The same kind of people who jumped on the ADHD and Dyslexia bandwagons when they were in fashion.