Why older cougar women don't get arrested for kissing younger boys?

22 year old actress making out with a boy who was only 14 years old at the time:

video clip of a 32 year old female fan kissing 16 year old Justin Bieber:

What's the deal with older women having the hots for him, plus they can get away with it? If it was men flirting with and dating some cute little 15 year old girl, the men would go to jail.


First of all - if you think that being 22 years old makes you a 'cougar' you are not up to date on what a cougar actually is I can only assume you are like 12 or something with inaccurate perceptions.

Secondly - the 32 year old (cougar) kissing him at 16 - yes 16 is legal for sexual activity - is only a 'peck' not a snog - if you think a 'peck' that you would give your grandma is a sexual kiss - then you are either incredibly sad or terribly misinformed and naive.

As for why 'older women' have the hots for him - sounds to me your jealous - also lots of younger girls and older women like him equally - because he is attractive - yes - HE IS ATTRACTIVE. Im sorry if you are not - but jealously never got any one anyone anywhere so i suggest you get over it.


Because kissing isn't a crime...for men OR women.


feminism covers up female sex crimes or paints them as ok, ... so it can use sex crimes to demonise men and further its agenda.

See a major charity owner talking about how feminists cover up female child sex abuse here…


Because women don't usually rape them, poptart.


I don't think there is such a thing as statutory kissing.


"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist"

"Feminism" has masterfully used propaganda to convince the world that the; lying, sneaking, violent, scheming, evil, physically abusive, sexually abusive woman just does not exist.

So of course society believes that a 32 year old WOMEN kissing a 16 year old boy does so without evil or lascivious intent, whereas a 32 year old man who did the same thing is a predatory, dangerous pedophile looking to swindle a doe - eyed - virgin out of her innocence.


Because women can't become priests.


No idea


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