The advantages and disadvantages of suicide ?

need to know to make a great choice now


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I know if you're thinking of suicide, you must be going through some pretty rough ****, but when I feel upset and suicidal, I pray to God to help me, and boy he does! And if you don't believ in God, then just ask whatever your Higher Power may be to help you, and if you don't have a Higher Power then just talk to people like you friends and family. I know when I feel suicidal, I don't think I have any friends, so I talk with my parents and therapist, and they remind me of the friends that I do have. Also, getting on facebook is a good way to make friends or get in contact with people that live far away. In my oppinion, the ADVANTAGES of suicide is nothing. You may think it's a good idea in the moment, but you need to look at your future. You aren't going to feel depressed forever. It's like anger; it always passes. The DISADVANTAGES of sucide are 1) you family will most likely be devastated, 2) you're friends will be devastated, 3) you'll be forever known as: That emo kid that killed himself. Do you really want that phrase to be how people on earth remember you by? I wouldn't. And if you're suicidal because of other people, then they should go **** themselves! Their stupid oppinions don't even matter! They'll probably become a drunk-*** couch potatoe and watch TV all day. And if their lucky they might get a job woeking at a minimum wage gas station, lol. Anyway, please don't kill yourself; I know that I don't even know you, but I think I have a good idea what you may be going through, and trust me: it's so not worth it! Peace out, friend!


bet you wont do it




DONT! wtf you'll go to hell

and you'll make your mom suffer !

feel for your poor old mom


suicide is never a good option. Unless you are Justin Bieber.


Advantage: None

Disadvantage: You ruin the lives of everyone around you forever due to your selfish decision.



Disadvantage: you will miss out on everything great in the world, like love, art, music, culture, fulfilling whatever dreams you may have, sports, friends, everything!


hmm disadvantage: you'll miss out the opportunity to get your life back on track. It's a very selfish act as you'll make people around you suffer, and kill a part of them as well. And a selfish and coward way to leave this world and a terrible act against yourself. Life is not always great, but it is not always a awful either. And we have the ability to change the things we don't like.

best of luck and God Bless