My girlfriend wants to punish me should i let her?

I cheated on my girlfriend and she found out.She told me she will stay with me only if she can have one day of her punishing me dominatrix style.What is that and is it so bad i might be better off letting her go?


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Yes you should let her "punish" you. Hey, you got your pleasure, let her get hers. Chances are she's been wanting to try something kinky with you for a while and she's using your affair as a excuse for you to let her. In fact you should be grateful she wants to do something sexual with you as "punishment" for you cheating on her. It's better than her leaving you, unless you never gave a damn about her to begin with.


she's probably gonna cut your junk off. have fun being a eunuch for the rest of your life.


Sounds like some sort of sexual thing so you might like it.


Your right, you are a pig to cheat anyone, but I think I'd rather just end things than do a bsdm domatrixy thing that sounds to creepy.


No surprise. She is giving d1cks(who think they are manly) a taste of their own medicine.

i doubt she will get back together with you as she is probably going to kill you by cutting your junk off or something. Otherwise she is stupid as hell


She's gonna tie you down and whip you hard while wearing a skimpy sexy outfit.

Google it if you want to know more or if you want to see what it looks like.

Some men would be absolutely delighted at such an idea. It's a fetish thing, I don't know why either.


If you want to stay with her, then I say that you are her ***** and because you are her ***** you have no say on what she does to your ***** ***. So go to her and take your punishment like a man and a ***** would do. Got it *****?


You are getting off too light as a *****


There are different types of dominatrix-style punishments. There is the physical aspect of the punishment, but then sometimes humiliation and degradation are involved as well. I'm not sure what type of punishment your girlfriend has in mind. She may want to do one or the other or both. I think it's fair for you to ask her what she has in mind so that you can make a decision based on all of the available information.