How do you break the monotony of a normal life?

In college I had a sense of destiny. Now I've been out of college for 5 years working a normal job. I'm married now, so I feel like my responsabilities to family and work limit how much attention I can give to my desires of wanderlust. I've always wanted to do something that would be unique, exciting and meaningful, but it seems like that only happens to the few people in the tabloids. It's always been awkward for me to be spontaneous and I've been socially inept in the past (I'm making some progress though), but deep down I'm screaming to get out of the box and live a little. I keep defeating myself though with a this is just how life is attitude. I feel like I've been put into a box and there's no way out. I don't want to be fifty or sixty years old with nothing worth remembering.

How can I grab back ahold of my old sense of destiny and find some fulfillment in life?


i feel like that everyday i wake up and look at my husband and say what did I do ? I h ave no kids so I just decided this year to just have me time .. because at the first 4 yrs of marriage i was always dropping what i wanted to do and he just enjoying his life and career..So i just started in the last 3 yrs its time for me , I am working at a Law firm .. by the end of this month i will be graduating from the Police Academy .. Sometimes we want the fantasy only to look back at the years and wonder what happened and that what happened to me an i think that happens to a lot of married ppl. When you single you have time but you don't use it wisely and etc. Thank GOD we get second ,third and fourth chances to make it right and make it better


That's what I'm afraid to happen in my life too. :(

Maybe you just have to do what you really wanted to do in your life, because when you do what you love, you can never get bored, right? And trust God about how will it all happen.


Life is what you make it.

We are all limited by our responsibilities and the realities of cash or lack of it.

It is up to you to decide what exactly is "meaningful" ,whatever that means, to you and do it.

Your wife may be feeling the same way.

Tell her your dreams and you may work something out together.