Psychology question for you?

The terms nature/nurture apply to many areas in psychology. Take development, intelligence, personality and mental illness and explain the nature and the nurture side to each area. What is the best solution to each area?


Nature over Nurture, nature being the type of environment the adolescent has grew up in. Is the neighborhood in which the child in their developmental years and adolescent years a good one with little to no crime. Nurture being the atmosphere in the house hold and parenting style the child is being conditioned under. Is the child in its developmental years being neglected in any way. In psychology, it really is not a term coined as Nature/Nurture but Nature plus Nurture because both environmental and parenting plays a pivotal factor in the child's life. Research have showed that children, while in their developmental and adolescent years, are raised in an area that has lots of crime as apposed to another child in which was raised in an area that has lesser crime, that the child in the more crime affiliated area will have a lower intelligence and a higher risk of mental illness and substance abuse. However if the child in which has parents that are highly educated and show a more nurturing side, the chances are lower that the child will be affiliated with crime, have lowered intelligence and a lower risk of mental health and substance abuse. Vice versa, a child in their developmental and adolescent stages in which grew up in a better are but have parents in which are abusive, the child has a higher chance of "acting out" experimenting with narcotics and other substances, having lowered self-esteem, doing poorly in school and or being abusive themselves.

Hope this answers it.