What does an IQ of 112 mean?

For a 36 yr old man?


Yes, the mean across the board for IQ testing is 100. According to Terman(the scientist that created the original scoring set), the score of 112 falls in the range of "Superior Intelligence"(110-120). The ranges above this are "Very Superior Intelligence"(120-140) and "Genius or Near Genius" (140+). NOW, according to another scientist (Wechsler), the score is within the range of "Bright Normal." The thing is, IQ tests and the scoring methods are not fool proof and are very could get a higher score because of your fields of interest and study.


Just above average. If you were to reach 120, you'd be very clever.


quite good. But IQ is not the only thing in this world. There's still EQ(emotional) an PQ(physical).


The average IQ is 100 so yours in comparison is fairly high


Hmm! Whose is the 112 score?

If it were Yours, then at 112, you Would figure out the Answer to the question yourself, and as such would never arise and find its way onto here.