Why do teenagers not take their jobs seriously?

I always visit my local grocery store & teenagers do not take their jobs seriously, they chat with their baggers or sometimes even text, and flirt with customers


Their Teenagers.

Priorities are Different.

Will change with Growth (perhaps)

Don't take it to Heart.

Look back to when you where young. Care-free. adventurous, daring. etc

They will learn in due time.


Cuz we dont give a FUUCCKK! Were ruthless and dont care what somone thinks...


You sound a bit crabby, do you suffer from an aged body? I'm sorry for u'r suffering :(


Would you work for $7.5.


There is no sense of urgency to keep a job at that age. They do not have to pay bills etc so the job at the local supermarket is more of a fun thing to earn a bit of pocket money rather than a lifestyle thing to get money to survive or pay bills or mortgages etc. They do not have fully developed brains yet so this is no big deal to them.