I had a dream about Alligators..whats the meaning?

They were like swimming on a flood and they werr near me.i think I was trying to get away from them..and I took a stick and put it in ones mouth..werid.but they were just everywhere. And I was near a tree and I think a flood or a swamp


Water is the symbol of emotions; floods are overwhelming emotions. Trees symbolize knowledge; a swamp could be confusion. Alligators symbolize predatory types of people who are very competitive. The mouth indicates words or criticism. You would like to shut up those types of people who are mean to you or who criticize you.


Be alert to enemies in your midst.


You want to see alligators


You're terrified of alligators like me


The alligator arent really important.. what is, is that they were chasing you and you were scared. There is probably something in your life you are afraid to confront and are running away from. Once you deal with the issue im sure you will stop having these dreams.