Hate is a rather strong word. I would contend that most men don't appreciate American women because most if not all of them accidentally showed their hand to men when we were young boys.And none of them bothered to fix what they broke. Allot of women like to claim innocent and make poorly conceived excuses. But we know bull when we hear it. And too often you guys think your slick and try to run a game on us using sympathy as a weapon(as your doing right now).As men have a strict moral code of conduct which we all adhere to. It gets crapped on allot these days and laughed at by women but it is the one thing that unites us together in this Forrest of illusions.

You should seriously count yourself lucky that you really don't understand what this mysterious rule is, and you can plead ignorant. Because if you did know and we knew you did. We'd 86 you; cut you off. Women get enough respect granted what they give to us. Especially given what we tolerate from you. Which is beyond what we'd allow our from own gender.

What is that one thing you ask?...


This isn't given but earned. Plain and simple. Because to give it away to someone who doesn't value it is just as much an insult to the man who gave it in the first place. It's like crapping on his belly and saying your sorry... Sorry?... Sorry!. If you don't respect or if you constantly lie to get over on people or make excuses or quit. We will think your a liar. And most times.We are right. When we allow you close you should respect that. But women don't. This is why they get no respect.


Damn, it's a cold game.


Why is it that guys cry about not getting respect from us? Well I will tell you why. A guys respect is us staying at home with the kids and keeping our mouths shut and having sex whenever they want. And just cuz us American women freedom of speech and don't tolerate cheating *ssholes that makes you pissed and that's why u say we don't respect u? Well kiss my white *ss but you men are Not Gods! We don't need to bow down and kiss your feet! Africa has hiv/aids so no wonder those women have it. They don't tell her husbands crap.


Please. Women have been forced to "respect" the law of men for centuries upon centuries. Not even in just America, but around the world too. Shoot, these days you still see women in Saudi Arabia and West Africa legally forced to "respect" the man. You say respect for respect, and i agree with that more than anything else in life, but i just find it interesting as to how some men demand respect from women, when those women are not even allowed the freedom to respect themselves.


not really sure what your going on about here but id like to say if someone comes to this forum and is repetedly humiliating women. they get whats coming to them. I find it amazing that when a woman defends herself in here men like to play the victim card

what gripes me is when a guy acts all hurt like hes been victimized after having acted arrogant and humiliated a woman in here.

the men here seem to be able to dish it out but dont seem to be able to take it.

put on your big boy pants and grow up!


86 you? What does that even mean? It sounds like you maybe Worked in a restaurant your whole life as a busboy or something and all the girl servers didnt ever want to date you... Cos they knew right off the bat they made more money!? :] thats why you talk of respect so much? Respect is earned per person not based on gender.


And the point of that rant is? By the way "a lot" is two words.


Are women are good in Africa feminism has not reached them. As long as we bring home the wealth and they are good women here. We have mutual respect.