What's wrong with being a recluse?

I adore every second i'm alone. I don't return people's calls (for parties, get2gethers, etc). I admit i'm a bit obsessed with isolation, to the point where i sit in my apartment, while smoking cigarettes, and think of nothing in particular for hours. Maybe it's a mental issue, but i doesn't bother me. I'm 25, and i have no friends (not that i need any), and i only converse with my coworkers when need be (which bothers them tremendously, they swear i'm plotting something), and my mother, whom i visit once a month.


There is nothing at all wrong.I am in my room and feel very content.

For the past week every time someone comes asking for help,

My day is usually ruined.Like yesterday an acquaintance asked me to help with his car.

After driving around getting nothing done he asked me reset his radio.

I ask,,You have an alarm? NO,NO< NO,O.K. then i re-connect the battery.

Beep,Beep,Beep,then an hour to find how to deactivate.

I think the people that always need someone around have the problems.

At least by myself things get done..


Nothing wrong with it. But people are gonna think that the only reason someone would be isolated is there is something else wrong with them. People will be suspicious and think you're 'weird' because you are always alone.

Q: Why do you think being alone is more desirable for you? As opposed to being with others?


I can be the same sometimes. It is very therapeutic and beneficial to have personal interaction (wit friends).

A famous philosopher (his name drawing a blank); has said that a true from of happiness can be achieved by hanging out wit friends and a couple glasses fo wine to help everyone open up. You will find this helpful as well to have 'sounding-boards' if ou will to help keep some stress down and as well open up about somethings that my be affecting you on a more psychiatric level. GL

ps. I know it's had to 'get out' there orgiinally bu i can tell you it will feel phoenominal at the end of the night and soon ou will be looking forwad to your 1 or 2 nights a weks. GL